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And the rest of the righteous is better with your Lord as a reward, and better with hope (Surat Al-Kahf, verse 46).

And righteous deeds that remain (until the Day of Resurrection) are better with God in terms of reward and better in terms of hope. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says:When the son of Adam dies, his work is cut off, except for three righteous children who pray for him, and knowledge that benefits him.that when the son of Adam dies, he will be cut off from three things except for a righteous son who prays for him, knowledge that will benefit him, and charity


The endowment of a good deed is stable and lasting, and how beautiful the Holy Qur’an has brought it under the title of remnants and virtues, and has made it an extension of worldly, hereafter, and eternal rewards.

Dear philanthropist, you can donate a part of your assets to Andishe Yaran Mohsenin charity organization for the benefit of the needy (building a school, housing, mosque, or any of the institution’s services) by completing the relevant form of continuation of righteous deeds and current charity, and receive the reward Get worldly and otherworldly benefits, or contact one of the institute’s branches or the head office to coordinate and get more information.


Charitable endowment programs of Yaran Mohsenin

  • General endowment (land, residential, commercial, administrative, educational, medical and other properties)
  • special endowment (land, residential, commercial, administrative, educational, medical and other properties)

Waqf, in the word means stopping and imprisoning, and in jurisprudence of Islamic contracts, it means imprisoning property and releasing its benefits or fruits for the use of the general public, without receiving awad. Waqf is one of the best examples of benevolence and charity that plays a great role in organizing individual and social life.

Many hadiths have mentioned the importance of endowment and explained its rulings.
Endowment has many educational, economic and social effects, which are discussed in the article. Endowment is one of the jurisprudential topics that are discussed in detail in jurisprudence books about the types of endowment, the validity conditions and related rulings.

Waqf is one of the best examples of benevolence and charity that plays a great role in organizing individual and social life. This good tradition, which was left to us by the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the imams (pbuh), is considered one of the influential factors in the prosperity of civilization and progress in various fields of Islamic societies. Hence, endowment can play a constructive role in various aspects of human social and individual life, such as culture, economy and other fields.

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Some rulings on endowments based on treatises explaining the issues are as follows:
– The waqf property is removed from the property of the waqif, and the waqif cannot sell it or give it away, and no one inherits from it. Endowment property cannot be bought and sold.
– The fatwa of some sources of taqlid is that in waqf, the concubine of waqf should be read; But it does not have to be in Arabic; But some other sources of taqlid don’t consider it necessary to recite the form and say that as soon as we write something or do something that means giving a gift, it is valid.
-According to the fatwas of some authorities, in waqf, there is no need to accept those for whom the waqf is given, whether it is a general or special waqf; But some others say that in a specific endowment, the acceptance of the person or persons to whom the endowment is given is a condition of validity.
-You can’t devote money to yourself. Of course, if someone donates money to the poor, for example, and becomes poor later, he can use the benefits of that money.
– If the endowment property is destroyed, it will not be removed from the endowment; Rather, if it can be repaired, it should be repaired. If it cannot be repaired, it should be sold and the money should be spent on the closest thing to the wiser opinion. If this is not possible, the money should be spent on charity.