Working with Mohsenin is not difficult, removing deprivation and empowering the covered community


Hamkari Dawtalbana

tuminun bialllah warasulih watujahidun fia sabiyl alllah bi’amwalikum w ‘anfusikum dh likum khayr llakum ‘iin kuntum taelamuna‏


The literature of the Qur’an and the narrations of the Infallibles (peace be upon him) to make good deeds, good deeds and nikokari, righteousness and spending, the presence of Dao Talaban, the dedication of a person (skills, specialization, time, light, science, and human resources) Mal Ba Yadigir Hamra Mibashand. chananche der aya above engonna ast and dr jay degri mifermayd
By Khuda and Rasulash Iman Bayawrid and Ba money and Jean Haitan dir Rah Khda Talash and Kush Namaid. This is in the opinion of Shamma as Harchizi Bahter Est.

anfiruu khifafan wathiqalan wajahiduu bi’amwalikum wa’anfusikum fi sabil alllah dhalikum khayr lakum ‘iin kuntum taelamunBa Jan and Mal Mujahid (Talash and Koshash Bray Raisedan with a goal) Namaid (Surat Tawbah verse 41) Ps the presence of Dao Talbana Mujahideen and Talash Khusghi Napazir and spending time and energy and money and skills and … they are a substitute for spending and money and money And the verses are the premises of my belief and religion.

A charitable institution in India, Yaran Mohsinin, Dar Rastay, achieves the goals of Khoud. And Baluchistan Darnd, I called for it to be done.


Zamina, this is the source of Niaz Dao Talabin Hamakari, a charitable organization,Yaran Mohsinin.


  • The study of the kananda brun sazmani: Giri ba sazman ha, arganha, varieties, amouzchi centers, darmani, science and ferangi, urbanism and eshtagalzai on the basis of objectives and the program of the institution and the Niyazmandi, the university, the goal under پ.
  • Karshnas, a high-figurative network, and the generation of content of gendarsana, ie: the import of the content of a high-figurative network, an active sazi, a high-figurative network, a member, a picture of Bardari, a film, a montage, a program, and a program.
  • Liaison Officer Ba Jarayed, Roznameh Ha and Rasanah High Jami: Liaisons to Liaison with Rasanah High Jami and Institutions of My Reporting Extension Brand Charitable and Informing Rasani Gstardeh Roydadha and Charitable Services
  • Tarrah and Graffiti
  • Legal counsel: Responsibility for his views is a high legal consultation with Maddjoyani, ke Dargir, legal problems, regularity and Bima Hesand.
  • Academic advisor: The responsibility of providing specialized academic advice to students and covered students
  • Entrepreneurship and employment: career counselor to clients, creating a bridge between qualified clients and target jobs - identifying supportive social organizations, business owners and introducing job seeking clients to them - identifying organizations that provide job skills and... creating a relationship Structured with employment opportunities and social organizations active in the field of entrepreneurship
  • Construction field: Jihadi groups and those who are able to cooperate and participate by being present in the region to accept the required constructions.
  • Other cases in which the esteemed volunteer is interested in cooperation and participation.
  • Cooperating in the field of assistance and attracting resources from philanthropists and helping to deal with those who seek help

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