Working with Mohsenin is not difficult, removing deprivation and empowering the covered community


Non-cash contributions

Dear philanthropists of Andishe Yaran Mohsenin charity organization, in line with the realization of its humanitarian and noble goals, in addition to receiving cash donations, it is ready to be with you in helping the needy.


List of non-cash donations and required items

  • Food, provisions and groceries (rice, oil, beans, canned food, tuna, pasta, etc.)
  • Basic life goods and appliances (refrigerator, heater, gas, carpet, air conditioner, TV, etc.)
  • All kinds of educational items and educational aids (stationery, computers, laptops, etc.)
  • Building materials (beams, rebars, bricks, tiles, etc.)
  • Tools and equipment and raw materials for job creation and entrepreneurship (sewing wheel, scaffolding, etc.)
  • Home and hospital medical supplies and equipment (wheelchair, oxygen machine, etc.)
  • Toiletries and detergents (toothbrushes, toothpastes, detergents, etc.)
  • Bags, shoes, clothes and fabrics
  • All kinds of children's toys (girls and boys)
  • Other cases that are announced in urgent cases, especially floods and earthquakes

Note*: Conditions for accepting non-cash donations

  • Perishable food items and items with expired dates are not accepted.
  • Products whose shipping cost is higher than its price or which are not cost-effective in terms of volume and type of shipping are not accepted.
  • Prepared food and clothes that are not covered in terms of cultural and social conditions of the clients and the target community are not accepted.

Respected benefactors can declare their readiness by filling out the related form below or contact one of the institute’s branches or the central office to coordinate and obtain more information.

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