Working with Mohsenin is not difficult, removing deprivation and empowering the covered community


Andishe Yaran Mohsenin charity organization

Our goals can be achieved through strategies and a plan in which we believe seriously and act based on it, there is no other way to succeed.(picaso)

Defining the goals and mission of any organization is the most important task of managers, because it is an important element of identity, direction of the organization, a guide for determining the path, a source of energy for individuals, a source of hope and confidence, and a way out of going astray, and without a definite goal, it means going astray.

This institution tries to determine the lofty and realistic goals needed in deprived and underprivileged areas, and based on that, define and follow up the mission and other organizational affairs.


Andishe Yaran Mohsenin charity organization is committed to make its planned and continuous efforts in order to obtain the pleasure of God Almighty and serve the deprived countrymen, especially in the southeastern regions of the country, to achieve the institution’s vision and by implementing short-term programs. and in the long term, to eliminate deprivation and empower the community under its coverage in the target areas.

  • Religious and cultural empowerment of the target community, especially children, teenagers, young people by promoting and teaching the teachings of the Holy Quran and the fundamentals of belief, ethics and rulings based on the life and tradition of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and the people of the House of Infallibility (peace be upon him).
  • Educational and scientific support for teenagers and young people in the target areas until they reach the level of higher education.
  • Targeted planning in support of scientific, educational, technical and financial affairs and entrepreneurial, job-creating and productive investments in the direction of depriving
  • Supporting the brilliant talents of the target community in order to empower and flourish their skills and abilities
  • Cooperation with domestic and international non-governmental organizations in the field of education, research and transfer of experiences in the field of deprivation in coordination with relevant authorities.
  • Compliance with the basic criteria and rules of religious approximation of Shiites and Sunnis and interaction and understanding in cultural and social relations.
  • Providing the livelihood and service needs of the target community, households and youth, and local self-sufficiency of the covered community in the target areas.
  • Providing civil and cultural needs of mosques and Quranic and cultural centers of bases and covered areas
  • Supporting the health of individuals and families covered in the target areas in the fields of health and treatment
  • Providing construction services (prioritizing the construction of schools, mosques, cultural centers, health centers, water supply to villages, construction of houses for orphans, and sanitary services) in the target areas in line with the realization of the cultural and social programs of the institution.
  • Supporting the provision of cultural, scientific, livelihood, employment, health and treatment needs of orphans and families in the bases and covered areas
  • Attending domestic and foreign public meetings and using international capacities in order to attract support and participation in the direction of depriving the community and the target area in coordination with the relevant authorities.

In the vision horizon of 1411 AH, Andisheh Yaran Mohsenin charity organization is a developed and successful organization that has been able to support the individual and social growth and development of the community under its coverage in the target areas based on cultural, educational, social and economic measures and support. to provide

Macro strategies
  • The implementation of cultural, religious and educational programs for teenagers, young people and families is carried out according to the principle of fraternal coexistence of Shia and Sunni groups in the target areas.
  • To support the educational and scientific programs of teenagers and young people covered in the target areas until higher education.
  • Relying on local self-sufficiency in agricultural products, animal husbandry, handicrafts and packaging will be through scientific, technical and financial support.
  • Supporting the health of the "health and treatment" of the covered community and deprived areas.
  • The necessary support for the marriage of young people and the formation of families in the target community should be done.
  • Providing the necessary resources will be through attracting continuous public contributions, offerings and donations and assistance from related government and private institutions.
  • All activities, including entrepreneurship and employment, health and construction, and measures to support the livelihood of the covered households will be a function of the cultural and educational programs of the institution.
  • Identify, interact and synergize with charitable organizations and jihadi groups and effective government institutions in the region and the target community in order to prevent wastage of manpower and budget.