Working with Mohsenin is not difficult, removing deprivation and empowering the covered community


Employment and entrepreneurship services

Dear philanthropist, Yaran Mohsenin Foundation, in line with its lofty goals and with the aim of helping to create employment and remove deprivation in the target community, implements various services in the fields mentioned below. Your help in the development of these activities is effective in reducing the suffering of unemployment and poverty of families in deprived areas, especially in the cities and villages of Sistan and Baluchistan.

Yaran Mohsenin Charity Foundation is asking the philanthropists, if you are willing to cooperate and participate in the implementation of these activities, to help cover a part of the related costs.


Andishe Yaran Mohsenin’s charity employment and entrepreneurship services

  • Supporting carpet weaving in Sistan and other covered areas
  • Support for fish and shrimp farming
  • Supporting agriculture (cultivation of fodder, oilseeds and fruit trees)
  • Supply and distribution of light livestock
  • Participation in the development of solar electricity production
  • Formation of needlework workshops
  • Delivery of sewing machine and sock knitting machine
  • Handing over the bakery and cookie machine
  • Participation in the activation of rural cooperative stores
  • Helping to start the production of domestic food products (dairy, yellow curd, jams, pickles, raising domestic chickens, etc.)
  • Helping to set up employment in technical workshops with limited equipment