Working with Mohsenin is not difficult, removing deprivation and empowering the covered community


Sharia aspects

khudh min 'amwalihim sadaqatan tutahhiruhum watuzakkihim biha wasall ealayhim 'inn salatak sakan lahum walllah samie ealim - tawbah 103

Khudawand, may God bless him and grant him peace, may Farmaid:
Which is pyamber, when the money of Anan is charity, i.e. Bagir ta basila anan, that it is ra bak sazi and pursh dehi and that it is called kan ke daay tu, mayeh aramesh anhasit, khudawand Shenwa and dana ast.

Charities, atonements, innate, vows, five (prayer arrows, zakat and…) Dar Charchob is permitted, honorable verses, bone imitation, Baid Anjam Gird
Nikokar Grammy, Nabar Ayat, Narratives, and Islamic Literature, Pardakht, Legitimate Faces and Expenditures of Pakizah Shadn, Porsche and Expansion of Rizk Adami Ast. Where is the institution of Amadghi Dard Dar Rastay? The goals are achieved, and the program is “Hay Khoud” and “Dar Charchob” is permissible. Honorable verses. Tradition attributed to Draift and legitimate faces and a bank that leads a university.

Where is the institution of Amadghi Dard Dar Rastay? The goals are achieved and the program of this khod and dar charchob is permissible, honorable verses, imitation bones attributed to dariafat, legitimate faces, and a bank that runs a university, a goal under Poshch Khoud Aqadam Namayd.

So, respected Nikokaran, Mi Toand, with the completion of the chopping of Marbouta Zir, attributed to Pardakht, the legitimate faces of taking the feet of Namaend and Ya Jahta Hamangi, and gaining information about the purchase of a notebook with a copy of the people of the country.

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