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Assistance in natural disasters (floods and earthquakes)

Allah Ta'ala said: And I bless you with evil and good.(And we test you with good and evil)

Natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes, etc., are a great divine test for the members of society, both those who have been exposed to disasters and those who are far from the accident.

The role of aid and charity groups is very effective in reducing the pain of the victims, and usually in the communities where such an event occurs, people come to the scene and with their voluntary help, they have a great impact on the damage caused.

Yaran Mohsenin Charitable Foundation has always been by the side of the victims during the occurrence of natural disasters and accidents during the past years, and it requests the esteemed benefactors, if you wish to cooperate and participate in the implementation of these activities, to help cover a part of the related costs.


Aid programs in natural disasters of Andishe Yaran Mohsenin charity organization

  • Payment of cash assistance to families
  • supply of basic goods
  • Providing food packages
  • House building and bridge building
  • Other cases