Working with Mohsenin is not difficult, removing deprivation and empowering the covered community

Cultural services

Dear philanthropist, Andishe Yaran Mohsenin Charitable Institution, in line with its lofty goals and with the aim of cultural, scientific and educational empowerment of the target community, implements various services in cultural, scientific and educational fields as follows.

Your help in the development of these activities is effective in improving the level of culture and scientific ability of teenagers and young people of disadvantaged areas, especially the cities and villages of Sistan and Baluchistan, and requests that if you are willing to cooperate and participate in the implementation of these activities, to provide a part of the costs of this Help the institute.

Yaran Mohsenin charity social cultural programs
  • Holding Quranic educational classes of Ayat Rahmat in the bases
  • Holding Quranic competitions (thematic, surah, reciting, Tajweed, sound and tone, memorization and educational subjects) Community Verified icon
  • Preparing and performing epic and revolutionary hymns dedicated to the institution and theater and showing documentaries, growth and domestic and international festivals for the target community and their families.
  • Holding creativity and entrepreneurship workshops with technical and professional skills in the workshop
  • Pilgrimage and tourist camps in holy Mashhad and Qom and...
  • Camps within the city (manufacturing and industrial, agriculture)
  • Preparation and distribution of books and libraries in cultural bases
  • Holding a book reading contest (successful scientists, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Educational support and educational assistance for the target community (purchase of educational books and stationery)
  • Holding celebrations and ceremonies on various cultural occasions
  • Holding sports competitions between bases (boys' football, volleyball and ropes for girls and boys)